Episode-16 Persuasion


What is more, one day he went where she worked to check whether she had been telling the truth or not.

That day he really felt embarrassed when her mother invited him to drink coffee at the workplace .

He mumbled a few unclear words and quickly went back home. He wasnt good indeed. She knew he urgently needed help.

She tried hard and persuaded him to see a phychiatrist.

He was ashamed of what he was doing about his own mother and afraid that she would tell him to grandparents, uncles etc and accepted to see a psycihatris.  In those days he used to have a little bit his own insight at least. So she could manage to find a way to persuade him to see the psychiatrist. He used to get upset and apologise when he did something wrong. He used to understand your sorrow, try to comfort you, share your all kinds of feelings.

The doctor prescribed a simple medicine. He was willing to use it for a short time when he was at home. The psychiatrist said to his mum:

” It is normal to think in that way for a young boy because he had a tough life , exams at scool, living alone far away home. Besides, his dad is dead and you are a lonely woman. Dont worry he will recover soon.”

He was being more reasonable and  relieved a little after the medical treatment.

He went back to university. Unfortunately, he stopped taking the medicine there.

Never again did he accept any medical treatment of such kind.

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