Episode-15Heart-breaking Delusion/nightmare:

Later she forced herself to behave reasonably as she was almost sure that he was suffering from a psychological disorder.

Though she tried hard, it was precisely impossible to persuade him that it was his brain cheating him not her.

That year was just like a disaster.

During the summer holiday, he came home.

Every night when every body went to bed, he was always asking her absurd, abnormal questions, talking for hours, trying to make her feel uneasy.



In a threatening way..


This was really a heart-breaking nightmare. she had to find a solution and make him trust and believe in her.All efforts were useless, nothing worked…

He was just looking around for clues to prove her so-called unfaithfulness ,looking at her phone numbers, text messages to find clues. He often behaved towards his own mother as if she had been a nasty woman always lying, keeping secrets from him and so on.

Trembling, not knowing what to do , she used to cry for her own fate and feel pity for herself. (…but she doesnt anymore. It isnt her fault at all but something else that each individual lives differently in life. This is what the life offers her .)

He was anxious, almost crazy indeed under the pressure of those bad thoughts.

She used to feel herself guilty from time to time thinking:

“It might have been a trouble related with his growing up or being brought up or the things he had experienced up to that time.”…

She often used to question herself for what she had done wrong or what he had suffered from.

She was being understanding as much as she could, trying to find different explanations, strategies to put up with him and find a way to escape from his pressure.

She was always feeling his eyes on her.

He was doubting about any change any smell in the house, every phone call etc.

When he came home; he used to enter each of the rooms in the house to be sure that there was no one else.

Sometimes he was acting as if he had seen someone in the house.

This was really a heart-breaking nightmare. she had to find a solution and make him trust and believe in her.

All efforts were useless, nothing worked.

These things were familiar to her when she remembered her own marriage.

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