Episode 14 Another Phone Call:

He was talking about some weird, unbelievable things. His voice also was strange, tedious, trembling and anxious.

” you, mum, arent telling me lies, are you?”

” you arent deceiving me or having bad relationships etc.”

She was going to tell him off at first but tried to be sensible. She felt pity for him as he was alone away from home. She thought: “Perhaps his physchology is under pressure etc.”

She tried to calm him down and to ease the pain he was suffering by saying :

” Dont worry, everything is all right.”

Those days she knew that some things were not going so well with school. His psychology was alarming.

She believed in vain that she could make him recover with her love, affection and understanding. In the end, he failed in exams at school. She had barely wanted him to concentrate on his exams but not to think of anything else.

But his brain was working differently.

The striking phone call:

” I had a dream last night. I am now certain that you have a relationship (not a normal one) with one of my old friends there”

He had again imagined -delusioned an absurd story in his mind.

Something shattered in her heart.

How could her beloved son dare to think in that way.

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