Episode-13 One of the most serious delusions

One of the most serious delusions:

While everything was going upside down, he used to get in touch with his ex girl friend to feel better.

Because she was too good and obedient to be true or was truly in love with him.

He used to break up or start as nothing had happened.

Sometimes good sometimes bad.

A phone call again:

” Mum I feel very bad and dont know what to do.”

He was really trembling, shaking with anger, almost in a crying, shouting tone of speech.

And he said he was going to finish with the girl because he was sure that his girl friend was having a love affair with someone else.

His mum told him that he might have misunderstood but it didnt work.

He insisted on his words although he couldnt cite a clear evidence.

His mum thought:

“It was not her but he himself was being with others. Again he found another guilty one not to trust.” His mum didnt know that he was suffering from delusions in those times.

It was such an unshakeable belief that he left his girlfriend forever.

His mum is now aware of the fact that it was because of his brain and the delusions deceiving himself.

And he also broke up with his other friends one by one those from the university, from the neighbourhood he and the family had lived in for years.

The people were not honest or true friends any more.

Leading a lonely life and living alone in the flat made his mood worse and worse.

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