Episode-12 Manners, speech, mood

Manners, speech, mood:

When he came back home for the summer holiday it wasnt difficult to realise the changes in his speech.

Some of his sentences were not clear any more.

He wasnt willing to speak with anyone any more.

When he had to go somewhere for official necessities he was having difficulties in getting in touch with people.

Anyone meeting him would find him tough, aggressive, strict, arrogant at first sight.

He sometimes met her ex girlfriend but the relationship wasnt going on well, arguments went on.

He was more suspicious than ever.

He was questioning about trivial things

but it was enough to make her feel uneasy.

It was also insulting to be questioned and to answer him back.

She also had to be careful while giving answers so as to get rid of the disturbing thoughts in his mind.

In those days, he would sometimes

come home drunk.

It was at a degree as much as a young man could do in the beginning, yet she also had the fear of the addiction remembering his husband.

And the worst of all for her was to play a happy mother role towards the others in the family. Perhaps it was because the fear of reactions.

” Yes we all know he resembles his father. His dad was also an introvert person with bad habits.

She couldnt know how to behave, speak towards him.

He was sometimes happy sometimes sad it was impossible to understand his fast changing mood”..and so on.

Never ending story.

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