Episode-11 Deeply in love

Deeply in love:

The day he told his mum that he was deeply in love with a most beautiful girl, his mum could feel his emotional highness he had never had before.

He was just like an another person.

She got very happy. “This love was going to heal him. My son was going to be like others. Perhaps he hadnt met the right partner up to that time.” She thought happily.

A few days later he was telling the story broadly in some incomprehensible words, with no clear explanations adding mimes and gestures to make it a bit like mysterious.

He was talking repeatedly about how deeply the girl affected him. She had left her quietly leaving and saying nothing.

Mum could only understand that she had let him down and  feel his totally broken heart with great disappointment.

However, later he was trying to make his mum think that the relationship was exhausting and the girl confused his mind so much because of her being a kind of insane or having phschological disorders.

Now his mum is able to understand that it was the self defence mechanism he held onto.

In those times, she could draw only the conclusion that her son wasnt an easygoing person and he was thinking in the way that he was perfect with no mistakes or wrongdoings but the person near him was causing problems as it had always been so up to that time.

But now she also thinks “the girl might have been just an image created in his mind.”

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