Episode-10 Loneliness:

He was alone in the flat but …happiness was getting away from him day by day as unidentified or indefinite but destructive thoughts produced by his mind were corrupting his brain bit by bit.

Whenever he phoned he was complaining about how people, friends, teachers were bad and he was talking about the difficulty he was in.

However, his mum knew that he would stay awake all night long, watch films in bed. During day he would sleep, eat out or order food from restaurants, go to the evening classes at university.

Actually it was a way of life many carefree people would like to have.

Why was he so unhappy at times altough he was leading the way of life he preferred.

Mum wasnt obviously aware of his mental state being corrupted day by day.

He was sometimes talking about some complicated dreams without giving clear explanations that his mum could only make assumptions. She thought he must have been suffering from the loneliness, wishing he wouldnt get worse.

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