Episode-9 New flat, New flatmate

New flat, New flatmate:

After moving into his new flat with another boy from school, things seemed to go on well for only four or five months.

Then complaints started.

” The boy is nasty and having some nasty relationships with some other boys.”

Altough it seemed slightly to be true, she got anxious because of complicated thoughts that it might

have been true.

” I quarrelled with that boy and told him to leave the house” said her son one day.

And he told her that he would live alone in the flat from then on.

Things were becoming gray but the only thing she was thinking was his being graduated from the school.

Because this was the second university, the first one was another story.

(He had been studying city planning. He had to draw, make plans and build models but he failed there as he had no handycraft or drawing talent. She remembers now that he had fallen and broken his wrist while playing football. But shockingly it coincided with the final exams that he had been supposed to prepare a project. Now that he had a broken wrist in plaster, he had ” a reasonable reason” to get away from the task. But he must have understood that there was no way to escape from it so he had to change the school and He made a new start at another university to study engineering.)

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