Episode-7 Fourth Phone Call

Fourth Phone Call: 

” Mum, I am having trouble with my flatmate. We cant get on well with each other…etc”

In fact his flatmate had left the flat because he wasnt happy there and her son started to live alone on his own.

She thought it might not have been her son being or causing the problem this time.

Being afraid of going through a hard and unshakeable circumstance, she,

didnt want to think over or see the real reasons in the background .

“These were trivial things that could happen any time. These things could be related with being young and would be over one day” told herself to ease the pain inside her.

It was only a comfort-hope.

It was, in fact, one of the other snowballs to build the avalanche.

and life was just getting like a hell day by day although she wasnt so aware of how serious it was.

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