Episode-6 Third Phone Call

Third Phone Call:

“My mobile has broken… “

The same words, the same thoughts, .. and

She acted in the same way and comforted him as a mum devoted to her children.

Two laptops, two mobiles…broken.

And the latter ones…

Each time, she was confused with his anxious words and the great stress and “the curse” he was under.

She had no choice but try to get rid of the problem in order to make feel him better.

Nothing to do but always to comfort him wishing these thoughts to be cleared away soon in his mind.

It was not ” a curse ” but losing the self control, she thought. However, it was impossible to persuade him.

She was feeling inside that things were not going on well.

He wasnt speaking clearly but vaguely. It wasnt easy to understand him as he would always refrain to speak or answer questions in detail.

You should always try to make speculations about the facts, reasons, results ..so on.

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