Episode-5 Second Phone Call

Second Phone Call:

” Everything is going on badly, why are all these bad things happening to me?”

” My laptop has broken down!” ( I didnt do anything wrong)

__those were the words of her son but,in fact, when he sent it to her to be repaired, it was obvious that someone had stepped on it or thrown it away and broken.

This might have been the first delusional episode. Her son must have done it in a time of a flashing delusion.  She couldnt realise the real fact but she thought his son did it in a time of anger.

She said nothing- because he was so anxious, so worried and almost begging for help-but she tried to calm down him and tried to find a solution.

She thought it was only a simple thing in life that could happen to anyone but she couldnt get why he was behaving as if it were the end of the world.

For him, all the bad luck he experienced was something like a curse but not because of his own way of life or his own mental state.

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