Episode-4 Unexpected Phone Calls

Unexpected Phone Calls:

It all began with some weird and absurd telephone calls while he was studying engineering at university in another city.

” I gonna be ill because the humidity the flat has.”

It seemed reasonable as it was on the ground floor.

So she, too, encouraged him to move into a better flat.

To her astonishment he wanted to live in an apartment rather luxurious when compared to their living standards. So was it expensive. The reason why it was strange to her was that her son had been  far more careful about money and had been reasonable while spending money up to that time.

When she looks back , she now realises that things had started to change bit by bit and that is why it took her more than 3 years to understand that those things happening were not so normal.

She had another son to take care of.

He was a student too.

That is why she had to work in other schools to earn extra money for the younger one’s educational expenses.

Working till late at night every day even at the weekends , she didnt have enough time to think over the things but sort out the problems as  fast as she could. Trying to earning more, she didnt want him to be in short of money in another city.

As children were growing up, hoping things would be better later, she tried to do her best in those years.

(and still struggling)

It has been almost ten years since the first challenge.

But one thing is clear now. It has always been imposible to change her children’s manners, attitudes, behaviours.

They have always had a persistent resistance towards warnings and a persistent eager to do the things vice versa.

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