Episode-1 A chaotic life with delusions:

A chaotic life with delusions:

You will be reading the real life experiences of a mother who has been suffering from being exposed to various and different delusions of her son’s each time for over years but being aware of the fact for only three years.

Actually ,nobody can imagine how it is, what to do, how to behave if they arent under the same circumstances.

Neither do most experienced psychiatrists imagine!

On this blog I will share the troubles She has come across, first tiny but gradually getting greater each time.

You will see how it happened to turn into a torturing life with unbearable delusions.

-Sleepless nights since his teenage years.

-Staying awake till morning, getting tired and falling asleep after a stressful night.

-Sleeping all day long, doing nothing at all.

-Tired all the time

-Waiting for everything he needs from others

-Not working but asking for money

-Drinking alcohol

-Driving recklessly

-Quarrelling and fighting with others, coming home with injuries, a swollen head, …torn and muddy clothes..

-Swearing badly

-His changing style of wearing, speaking, behaving…

-Having no friends anymore

-Looking down on or humiliating others

-No trust to anyone

-Everything is a set up,  people play their roles

-People keep secrets from him

-All bad things, mishaps, failures, accidents he faced are never caused by him but by others

Mostly mother, later even the deceased father.

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